Summer Lovin’

This one was born for the water. When she has her water wings on, she’ll trot out to the middle of that wading pool, push herself up off the bottom, kick her legs up and float to her heart’s content. We’ll break the news to her someday that we moved away from Maui before she was born. And I imagine she’ll look at us like we’re crazy – the same way that we still sometimes look at each other (particularly in the dead of winter).

We smothered all three babes in mineral sunscreen:

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• SPF 50 ✔️
• Blocks UVA & UVB ✔️
• Hypoallergenic ✔️
• Texture of luxury cream ✔️
• Use less, cover more ✔️
• Smells heavenly ✔️

And while we’re on the topic, this cooling after-sun spray is a staple in our pool bag. After a trip to the pool, or time at the lake, we spray this on everyone in our family. It’s refreshing and relieves any discomfort on the days we overdo it in the sun!

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To make the spray, drop the essential oils into the bottle first. Add the witch hazel and aloe vera, and top off with the distilled water.

Ready to apply? Roll the bottle gently between your hands to mix the recipe before each use. Then, spray directly onto your sun-kissed skin. Reapply as often as needed! (Psst: make sure to avoid your eyes!)

Here’s to squeezing every last bit of summer that’s left!

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