Essential Oils

what's the fuss?

I'll be the first to admit: I was a reluctant essential oil user. I thought it was all a little bit more placebo-effect than the life-changing stories everyone touted, and I swore I would never join the trend. But then I became a mother.


Suddenly, I had a reason to give them a try - in the form of a four-year-old with chronic tummy issues. For years, I tried everything. And then, after a three-month battle with regularity, I was at my breaking point. A friend told me about a Young Living oil blend specially catered to little ones' tummies. I told her I would give it three months - highly cynical that it would actually work.

I was a believer in three days.

Want to try them yourself?

When you join our team, you're not just getting a set of oils - you’re also investing into a community and team of inspiring women who are collectively on a journey of wellness. After you join, I will personally email you, welcoming you to the world of essential oils with a comprehensive Welcome Guide and the link and log-in information to our private team education website. You will also be invited to our larger team's private Facebook groups, including knowledge, resources, support, and classes, to get you started on the right foot. (Rest assured: I'm an enneagram 5 - I won't leave you hangin'.)

The Step-by-Step to Enrolling

1. become a member

You can do that here. Don't worry - there are no selling or monthly purchase requirements. (Use 28356024 for both sponsor and enroller ID numbers.)

2. pick your starter kit

Select from more than a dozen kit options featuring a collection of products at nearly 60% off of the retail price. You will also choose a free diffuser to complete the kit.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with $400 worth of goodies for $165, a free diffuser (starting at $66, and the Everyday Oil collection featuring full-size bottles of the 12 most-used oils:

• Lavender

• Peppermint

• Lemon

• Copaiba

• Frankincense

• Thieves

• Citrus Fresh

• Raven

• DiGize

• PanAway

• Stress Away

3. opt-in to essential rewards

Essential Rewards is a free loyalty program that you can customize and change as often as you want, earning you free points and products. (Learn more about Essential Rewards here.) There's no need to opt-in now. You can join the program at any time if you want to get to know the products first. (And we highly recommend joining as soon as you can!)

Frequent Questions

If I’m signing up as a wholesale distributor, do I have to sell oils?
Absolutely not! Signing up as a wholesale member/distributor is just to get you a lifetime 24% discount on all Young Living products. You are not required to sell anything at all at any time. Just order your pick your starter kit, and then order additional oils and/or products as needed (or to try something new). There are no strings attached - promise! But, if you fall in love with the oils and start to consider making some extra money, I'd love to chat!


What about becoming a retail member? Sure, you can sign up as retail. But you will be paying full retail price for all oils and products (instead of the 24% off wholesaler price). Plus, with the wholesale membership, you have the option to join Essential Rewards, which will earn you points for future purchases, and get free monthly oils into your hands. And, most importantly, a retail membership does not get you access to the private Facebook communities for all that knowledge-base of women who have been using these oils for years. In short: skip the retail membership altogether.


Does my sign-up come with a monthly purchase requirement? No.


But it’s a membership. So what’s the monthly membership fee after I purchase the Premium Starter Kit? $0. There isn't one. All you have to do to keep that 24% discount is purchase at least $50 in 12-months. That's as simple as buying Thieves and Lavender, which you will have to replenish anyway if you're using them every day. (Combat sickness and keep grounded? Check and check!)


What's all this talk about Thieves? Ahh, Thieves. The all-powerful immune booster. All you need to know about this blend of Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Rosemary, is the folklore behind it: In France during the Bubonic Plague of the 15th century that was decimating Europe, a group of spice traders resorted to thievery when international shipping and trading was stopped. The thieves would prey on the dead and dying, stealing anything of value. Legend says they protected themselves by creating a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals. Their secret blend worked, protecting them from the highly contagious disease. Eventually, four of them were captured and brought before the king, who gave them a choice: Share their secret or be put to death. So, they shared. And today's Thieves essential oil blend is inspired by the enduring tale.

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